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The Connecticut State-wide Video Advisory Council (SVAC) may give advice to the management of the Competitive Video Franchise Authority Service Provider(s) upon such matters affecting the public, as it deems desirable or necessary. The Service Provider(s) shall respond in a timely manner to issues brought forth by State-wide Video Advisory Council. These matters shall include, but are not limited to, rendering assistance and advice, representing video television subscribers, educational agencies, municipal agencies, and producers of community-access programming in the State of Connecticut; to promote the use of video television for local communication; and to identify and support regulatory and telecommunication policies and initiatives that support community-access activities and encourage citizen participation.

Video Service Providers


The current Competitive Video Franchise Authority Service Providers having a Certificate of Video Franchise Authority (CVFA) in the State of Connecticut that meet with the SVAC are

  • Frontier TV (Entire State)

  • Optimum from Altice USA (Overbuild Areas)

  • Comcast (Overbuild Areas: East Lyme, Montville, New London & Waterford) 


12.05.2022   October Meeting Minutes Posted (unapproved)
10.18.2022 October meeting agenda published
08.22.2022 August meeting cancelled
07.01.2022 June meeting minutes published
06.21.2022 June meeting agenda
04.27.2022 April meeting minutes
04.18.2022 April meeting agenda published
02.24.2022 February meeting minutes
02.02.2022 February meeting agenda published

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